Feedback from Customers

Storm Freya soap bars standing in the sunshine. The colours from honey and turmeric. Essential oils.

Thank you for your feedback, this is what customers are saying:

The orange shampoo bar is fabulous, especially if you suffer from a sensitive, itchy scalp. Very gentle 'real' fragrance and my hair feels soft, clean and very manageable.

Used my shampoo bar this morning had loads of comments on my soft shiny hair.

I normally have crazy static fine hair in the winter, today I didn't brush it at all and it looked fab all day.

To say I'm impressed is a complete understatement...This loofah soap exfoliated my skin but completely moisturised it at the same time. I can't wait to try more of your products...

Smell amazing and all natural! Bar shampoos perfect for holiday time...and loofah soaps perfect for getting feet flip flop ready!

House currently smelling amazing thanks to Lytchett Bay Soaps. Love your wax melts.

...I was having some problems with my skin horrible dry patches and spots in one certain is definitely helping to improve how my skin looks and feels...also my face feels squeaky clean yet still soft and not tight and dry. Thank you.

(Peppermint Face Soap)

They're amazing! I didn't think they would be as good as cotton pads but they're much better! So easy to take my make-up off after the party tonight and so soft!

To say I'm impressed is a complete understatement the strong but natural lime scent as I pulled it out of it's potato starch wrap was divine! Wearing boots to work every day does my feet no straight away I started on them, they are now silky smooth. Liz you are a miracle worker, I can't wait to try more of your products...

Genuinely love these products! Organic, cruelty free and made with SO much love! And to top it off...the 'plastic' is potato starch so it is fully bio-degradable. Highly recommend!

Pls Contact Me if you want to stock IN UK, I have w/s priCES

Drop me a line!

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