Lytchett Bay Soaps Handmade, Organic Soaps, Shampoo Bars, Skincare & Gifts

Our soaps, shampoo bars and other products are made with organic and plant based ingredients with no nasties.

My Pledge to you during this uncertain time...

Whilst COVID-19 restricts all our lives, at Lytchett Bay Soaps I will continue to make soaps and sell online, with a few changes: 

I will work alone, wearing gloves, mask and apron as I always do to make soap. 

I will make products during the day in a clean, hygienic environment as always. 

I will take orders online and via messages.  

I won't be using cash. Payment must be online or via Paypal invoice. 

If your order requires delivery, I shall now be using a courier collection and delivery service. This will only increase your p+p by 50p and is safer than a lengthy queue at the Post Office! I will cover the cost of the packaging. 

I will deliver to you if you live around the Lytchett Bay area*. Your order will be delivered at a time to suit us both and will be left on your doorstep and your doorbell rung or door knocked.

If you wish to collect, your order will be in a plastic box at my front door, at a time suitable for you to collect.

Please contact me if you have any questions at all...

Stay safe and keep washing your hands...with a decent soap! :)

*Delivery is free to Lytchett Matravers, Lytchett Minster, Upton.

About Lytchett Bay Soaps

Lytchett Bay Soaps owner Liz with block of handmade lavender soap

How it all began...

 Deciding 2019 was going to be 'a year of change' to improve my health and wellbeing I set myself a challenge for the year to live life using less. I needed to cut down our impact on the environment, recycle more and cut out cleaning ​and bathi​ng 'nasties' that we seemed to have accumulated to become routine over the years. We didn't need half the 'stuff' we had, we weren't being healthy and we took short cuts to 'save time'. 


A variety of handmade, vegan, organic soap bars with natural plant based colours

How my soaps are made...

 After doing lots of research, I started to make my own soap, with the intention of getting rid of some of the bottles in our bathroom. I learnt more about the amazing benefits of essential oils and I realised that I could improve not only our skin and hair health, but also our home environment. 

My soaps are naturally made using Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Olive Oil. They are scented using Essential Oils with their wonderful skin health properties. I keep the ingredients simple, (reducing risk of allergies) and the quality high, using organic and sustainably sourced products.

My packaging is either recyclable, recycled or compostable 'plastic', made from starch. Many of my soaps are Vegan.

Sisal nail brush. Natural product, plastic free and Bamboo Soap Rack.

Adding new products...

 As well as my own products, I also offer  other handmade products by other small UK companies that use organic, natural and plant based ingredients. The products are all tested on friends and family only! 

What you need to know:

Licensed Products

All my soaps conform to EU licensing. They have all been tested by a Chartered Chemist and conform to our strict EU laws for skincare and cosmetics products.

Handmade and High Quality

All my soaps and all the other products I sell are handmade in small batches that are checked and finished to a high standard. The ingredients are all high quality, many ingredients  are organic and plant based and are only tested on people!

I don't use Palm Oil, I only use high quality Essential Oils in my soaps, shampoos and skincare and any products I stock made by UK based suppliers conform to the same standards.

Every Order Counts

Each time you place an order you move away from synthetic and highly fragranced products to a healthier, less wasteful lifestyle that is better for you and the environment.

You can be assured that you pay only for quality, simple and environmentally friendly packaging, authentic ingredients and handmade care, time and pride in each product.

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I'd love you to get in touch, ask me a question about soap and skincare, send a review, ask about new products...

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